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Dreaming of a destination wedding where the landscapes whisper romance and luxury is in every detail? Thailand beckons with open arms, offering a medley of locations that will turn your wedding day into a chapter of an enchanting storybook. 

In the Land of Smiles, from the tranquillity of pristine beaches to the electric energy of urban cities, we present to you six Wedding Venues in Thailand that stand out for their exceptional beauty and unparalleled service.

Top Destination Wedding Venues In Thailand

Ritz Carlton Krabi: An Exquisite Cliff-Top Retreat

Ritz Carlton Krabi
  • Breathtaking Views: Perched above the sea, the views are as endless as your love.
  • Luxury Redefined: With world-class service, your destination wedding in Thailand is set to be an affair of opulence and grandeur.
  • Cultural Infusion: Delight in traditional Thai wedding rituals that add an authentic touch to your ceremony.
  • Average Price Point: Indulge in the luxury of this cliff-top haven with packages starting from $4,000, ensuring every moment is worth the splendor.

Banyan Tree Krabi: Seclusion Meets Splendor

Banyan Tree Krabi
  • Privacy and Elegance: Perfect for those who seek an intimate affair with the Andaman Sea as their witness.
  • Wellness Focus: Pamper yourself and your guests with the resort’s renowned spa treatments.
  • Custom Celebrations: Your Thailand weddings can be customized to fit your dream theme, from floral wonders to culinary delights.
  • Average Price Point: Exclusive wedding packages begin at around $3,500, blending intimacy with luxury.

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa: Tropical Luxury on Mai Khao Beach

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa
  • Diverse Venue Choices: Select from a sun-kissed beach, tropical gardens, or elegant ballrooms for your Wedding Venues in Thailand.
  • Gastronomic Delights: A dedicated culinary team crafts dining experiences that become a highlight of your celebration.
  • Recreational Rendezvous: Keep guests entertained with activities like snorkeling, elephant treks, and Thai cooking classes.
  • Average Price Point: Packages start from $5,000, ensuring every facet of your wedding is catered to perfection.

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa: A Beachfront Oasis

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa
  • Sandy Celebrations: The resort’s beachfront is ideal for couples dreaming of a beach wedding in Thailand. And is one of the most famous Thailand Destination Wedding Resorts.
  • Tailored Services: From decor to dining, every aspect is personalized to your preferences.
  • Family Friendly: Ensure guests of all ages have a memorable stay with various activities and amenities.
  • Average Price Point: Tailor your dream wedding with packages starting from $2,500.

Avani Khao Lak Resort: Chic and Contemporary Weddings

Avani Khao Lak Resort
  • Modern Beach Vibes: A contemporary resort that adds a stylish twist to weddings in Thailand.
  • Culinary Craft: Chefs that specialize in Thai and global cuisines create a feast that’s as memorable as the day itself.
  • Serene Spa Services: De-stress before the big day with soothing treatments at the in-house spa.
  • Average Price Point: Enjoy modern luxury with wedding packages beginning at $2,000.

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort: Urban Charm on the Riverfront

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort
  • City Lights and Riverside Sights: Combine the dazzle of Bangkok with the calming flow of the Chao Phraya River.
  • Grand Celebrations: This venue’s expansive ballrooms and open decks cater to grand Thailand weddings.
  • Cultural Hotspot: Immerse your guests in the vibrancy of Bangkok with cultural excursions and city tours.
  • Average Price Point: Experience riverside romance with packages starting from $3,000.


Wedding Venues in Thailand caters to every style, from the beachcomber to the city sophisticate. Each venue promises a unique experience, enveloping you and your guests in the warmth of Thai hospitality, the luxury of bespoke service, and the beauty of unforgettable landscapes. As you plan your destination wedding in Thailand, these venues stand ready to bring your wedding dreams to life, ensuring your day is not just celebrated but cherished for a lifetime.

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